CATŪ No.12 Motor Grader - PRE-ORDER ONLY
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CATŪ No.12 Motor Grader - PRE-ORDER ONLY

ccm-CATŪ No.12 Motor Grader



1:24 precision scale, brass model

approx. 13" long, 7" wide, 5" tall.

Production limited to 150

The Machine -The venerable Caterpillar No.12 motor grader was first introduced in 1957, and has proved so successful, there is still a modernized version of the 12 in Caterpillar's current product line. Only manufactured in the USA, the 12 was a central part of the company's aggressive push into the grader market, and it is estimated over 4,200 of these machines were produced. The 12 came standard with a D318 six-cylinder engine, producing 115 flywheel horsepower. It featured tandem drive rear wheels and a choice of push-button gas starting engine or 24-volt direct electric starting of the diesel engine. The grader's blade had an incredible range of movement, allowing it to cut anything from a level roadway to a vertical embankment. When it came to demanding road work, there was not much the 12 couldn't handle. Production of the Cat 12 ended in 1959, when it was replaced by the Caterpillar 12E. Even today one can still find these machines in service to those who enjoy putting a piece of history to use. The Model - CCM's precision-scale model of the No.12 is yet another in our history of museum-grade works of art. Crafted in fine brass at 1:24th scale, one can be assured that no detail will be spared. All the control linkages to the steering have been re-created, as well as the drives to the moldboard side shift rack. Cabin interior is accessed by the opening doors and all controls and gauges are visible. The highly detailed D318 pony motor can be viewed easily through the open sided engine compartment. In addition to the standard blade, our model also includes the optional V-type scarifier attachment. All of this detail sits upon realistic rubber tires. The No.12 has been finished with paint accurate to the period, and appropriate markings and safety labels. Each model comes proudly packaged in a deluxe collector's box and includes a signed and serial numbered vintage spec brochure reproduction.

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