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Do to popular demand, we are introducing some custom products. The first will be a Spud Barge in four different levels of availability. Due to the custom nature of this product, it will be difficult to place a fair value on this item. So until we determine the desired level of detail, please contact us for a price quote.
OBC-002-1Rss OBC-002 Barge Model, 1:50th Scale
Take a look and see what 30 years on the water teaches you about barge work. This model is 18" X 36", big enough to handle the 4100 ringer, and all complete in 1:50th scale. All you need to add is your crane and some water, and you are ready to go. Everything is weathered and is all set for your diorama work. It come complete with fuel tank, spuds, crane mats, saw horses, gang plank, concrete piles, wood for cribbing, ropes, tires, container, Oxy-Acy bottles and oil drums. Not much else is needed. Click on the thumb nail to get a good view of the detail built into this fine model. Since this is a speciality model, it will be drop shipped direct from manufacture to you, so you only pay shipping once. If your job requirments are more complex than this, additions can be requested. A quote for the extras will be provided.
Barge.jpg Spud Barge Diorama 1:50 Scale Model
This Barge Diorama is the fourth level in a custom series to be made available on a special order basis. Pricing will be quoted on an individual basis complete with machine and accessories.
DioFrontSea Spud Barge Diorama 1:50 Scale Model-sea level
This view is of the level four diorama at sea level. All other comments are common with the previous view
DioSeaDriver Spud Barge Diorama Pile Driving Position
A view of level four shown during pile driving.
BargeCraneFrontR Spud Barge-Custom 1:50 Scale Model & Machine
This Spud Barge is the third level of a custom arrangement to be made available on a special order basis. The beginning level will be a basic barge with no accessories. A second offer level will include a good group of accessories, but no machine. Prices of all levels have not been finalized.
Transportation Barge-1:50 Scale Model
We are introducing our transportation barge as the Level #1 in our barge series. This barge is used to haul heavy loads by our system of waterways. Your barge can be enhanced with custom lettering and bumper tires. Click on the picture to see how this type barge is used.
Triad4s Triad Display for 587T Pipelayer 1:48 Scale
A great chance to obtain a custom display for your Pipelayers. This diorama is custom made to fit three 587T pieplayers, with the correct track cleat spacing and length. This not only gives a sense of realizm but does aid in keeping your machines in place. Your display will come complete with coated pipe, and the proper slings to do the job. Please note, that the diecast pipelayers are not included with the display. Please email us at to determine if you have credits that can be applied toward the purchase of this display.
DeckImage2S Wood Deck for Sword 2033 3X3X3 Trailer
Have a look at this custom laser cut deck made special to fit the Sword SW-2033 3X3X3 Nelson Trailers. These will be in short supply and may be on backorder, so please call for availability.

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