small_Con_CAT_936.jpg Conrad 2886, Caterpillar 936 Wheel Loader
This item was discontinued by Conrad about 12 years ago. In 1/50 scale, this loader has been one of the smallest in the product line.
small_Con_3505_Keen_FB.jpg Freightliner Coe with Talbert Flatbed
Freightliner Cabover Tractor with drop deck. Talbert Trailer made in royal blue for "keen" transport. A 1:50 scale model. Made by Conrad, now discontinued.>ORDER BY E-MAIL:
grovecranes6350.jpg Grove GMK 6350 6 Axle Crane
THIS MODEL--is now considered discontinued. Please check on availability--PLEASE NOTE, we have not been able to find more of thesse. New color version of the Grove GMK 6350 6-axle mobile crane made by Conrad. A great addition to your 1:50th scale construction site. Click on the picture for a view of the extended position.

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