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ccm cat no 12 motor grader sm.JPG CAT® No.12 Motor Grader - PRE-ORDER ONLY
ccm-CAT® No.12 Motor Grader



1:24 precision scale, brass model

Production limited to 150

sxsD9Hs.JPG CAT® SxS D9H
$566.50 $503.00 On Sale!
ccm-SxS D9H-48

Dealer sale - series #527; Unopened product box inside sealed factory Brown box

1:48 precision scale, die-cast model

Production limited to 650 models

American 9310s AMERICAN 9310 Crane Model--1:87 BRASS
SORRY--No LONGER AVAILABLE. Will try to find you one if you missed out. This American 9310 Crane model will be made in 1:87th Brass, and limited to 150 units. This is a PREORDER, and will most likely be drop-shipped direct to you. PLEASE note, that we only have one additional to sell, at issue price. After that, it will be like "LOBSTER"--"Market Price" So, good luck.
CCMD8HR Caterpillar D8H Brass Model by CCM-1:24 scale
This will be the next Caterpillar historic model produced by CCM in brass. The scale will be 1:24th to match the previous four models. This will be a 50's vintage machine complete with cable controlled dozer blade. The previous price posted had been for Preorder customers. Since this is now a sold out item, PLEASE contact us for availability and the going price, before ordering. These are now on the secondary market, and are considered investment models. NOTE--These are now at a 75% premium over issue.
D8H46A-RC CAT D8H-46A Brass Model, CCM 1:24 Scale
$1,950.00 $4,250.00 On Sale!
Posting the Caterpillar D8H-46A, that was made in 2007. Only 146 models were made out of brass in 1:24th scale and were sold out before received in the states. There were not nearly enough to go around, so this model is being offered on special at 2.18X ISSUE. If you have any questions, please let me know by email at: Only one model, (SOLD) available at this price. The model will be shipped insured at full value. Hit the thumbnail for a larger picture.
smCCMD11Rmodel Caterpillar D11R-1:24 Brass
Sold out issue. Caterpillar D11R, 1:24th scale in brass! This is the most impressive model released by Classic Construction Models to date. SORRY---THESE MODELS ARE ALL SOLD OUT. Enjoy the pictures. Edition size is strictly limited to 300 pieces--- Watch for the release of the next model!!!
smCCM797brass Caterpillar 797 OHT--1:87 Brass
This is a 1:87th scale brass model of the CAT 797 Off Highway Truck. This truck is the largest truck made by Caterpillar Inc. The twelve model HO scale brass set by Classic Construction Models is complete, and will be followed by a group of mining models. The 797 will be the first addition. The edition size has been set at 497, with only a few of the yellow models left to sell. Contact us to attempt to reserve your model with the same serial number as your 12 piece series. THERE WILL BE 97 TRUCKS MADE IN "MINE WHITE". All of our allocation are spoken for. Contact us, if you are looking for one. SORRY, THESE MODELS ARE NOW ALL SOLD OUT.
CCM320CLsm Caterpillar 320C L Excavator-Brass
This is the first model released of the new Caterpillar C-series Excavator line. Made in 1:48th scale out of brass, and limited to 320 units. These are, NOW ALL SOLD OUT.
CCMsm992G Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader-Brass-1/87

Caterpillar 992G Wheel Loader in 1:87 scale, made with brass, by Classic Construction Models. This is #11, in the twelve piece Caterpillar series, and is a sold out edition. It is the most impressive model in the series. SORRY--ALL GONE
CCM776CoalR Caterpillar 776 Tractor W/ 160Ton Mega Coal Hauler, 1:87 Scale
This Caterpillar Coal Hauler, is made up of a 776 tractor, with a 160Ton Mega bottom dump trailer. It is made by Classic construction, in brass, 1:87 scale. This model will make a great addition to your 12 piece Cat set, the Mining set, or your HO train layout. The model will also be available in white, however, very limited. Please check on availability before ordering. Expected delivery date is 15 June.
CCM999sm Manitowoc 999 Crane--1:48 Brass
This is a view of the new Manitowoc 999 crane. The brass model in 1:48 scale is to be available from Classic Construction Models in March 2002. This model promises to be a quick sell out as was the M-250 about four years ago. PLEASE NOTE: We are listing this model for your collecting interest, and are not soliciting orders due to our allotment being almost sold out. Contact us only by E-mail, if you want to be put on a waiting list. SORRY MINE ARE ALL SOLD!!!!
smallccm777.jpg Caterpillar 777 Truck-Brass
This is #12 in the Caterpillar 1:87 scale series of brass scale models. A limited serial numbered model in a production run of less than 1000 pieces. SORRY--ALL GONE!!! Watch for the introduction of its big brother later this year.
CCMholt75R.jpg Holt 75 Tractor--Brass
Holt 75 Tractor by Classic Construction Models. This is the grand-daddy of all crawler tractors and is CCM's first vintage model in 1:48th scale. This is an example of crawler tractors prior to the forming of the Caterpillar Tractor Company in 1925. This model will be available Feb 2003. Availability will be very limited, with only 75 models going to the public worldwide. SORRY--DUE TO THE LIMITED AVAILABILITY, THESE ARE ALL SOLD OUT.
CCMBE15bR.jpg Bucyrus Erie 15-B Brass Models-1:24 scale
This is the prototype of the Bucyrus Erie 15-B Crane. It will be a precision brass model made in three versions. In addition to the crane, there will also be a cable Hoe, PLEASE NOTE: The crane and Hoe are all sold out. Sorry. There is still a question about making the cable Shovel. The models will be limited to 100 S/N'ed each.
CCMCAT583RR Caterpillar 583R Pipelayer by CCM in 1:87 Brass
Classic Construction Models has received approval from Caterpillar to produce the 583R Pipelayer model in 1:87 scale brass. In the CCM Tradition, this is a single, serial numbered edition of exactly 583 models. Once they are sold out, they will not be building them again. A close examination reveals details such as a correctly rendered engine compartment, hydraulic boom and load winches. Movable features include positionable counterweight assemply and movable, individually linked all brass tracks with working track tensioners. SORRY-THIS MODEL IS NOW SOLD OUT!!
CCM4600-1srr Manitowoc 4600 Dragline by CCM, Brass 1:87 scale
$725.00 $1,390.00 On Sale!
This is another fine model produced in 1:87th brass by CCM. Take a look at the fine detail of a model that will be a great investment piece, and give you great pride in ownership. There are only 300 standard models made, and should be in line for a good rate of appreciation. We have only one model left, and the S/N is 107. It is NRFB, and is packed in the revised positioning so that the very important parts are protected.
CCM9941R Caterpillar 994 Wheel loader by CCM in 1:87 brass
$597.00 $494.00 On Sale!
The release of the Caterpillar 994 by CCM, will be the second in a series of mining equipment. Made of brass in 1:87 scale. This promises to be another great model to add to your collection. Preorders will receive free freight. There will also be a very limited models made in white. Reserve these soon. Click on the small view to supersize, and get a close up view.****SORRY,--- this items is now sold out. Inquire, as other versions may be available.
Manitowoc555R Manitowoc 555 Diecast Crane from TWH-1:48 scale
SORRY--NOW SOLD OUT!!!! This is the new Manitowoc 555 Crane that was produced by TWH in diecast. This is the new version, that includes the new verion boom and a jib. Parts of the old boom sections are included to use in your diaorama or as a load.

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