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Please take a close look at the detail of these "Ready Made", fine truck models. To get the fine detail, they are made of resin in 1:50th scale. They are completely assembled, painted and RTR. Click on the thumbnail to get a large view showing the detail of the model. Due to the demand, and limited availabilty, they will be in short supply for some time. We will try to keep you up to date on availability and backorder status. Quantities shown are based on my allocation, and can change at any time. We have found that many of you do not follow the exchange rate as much as we do. This has caused some confussion related to the adjustment in price due to the change in the value of the Euro. So, rather than making an adjustment in the price, we are going to leave the price as stated, but put the item on special based on the last purchases. We now have out third recent order coming in, so have come up with a good value. Quantities available will be posted when the next order is received, and the preorders are pulled.
MIM50013s AUTOCAR AP 50, MIM50013, 1:50 Resin
$425.00 $378.00 On Sale!
Autocar AP 50 Giant Hauler. 1:50 Scale Resin Model. Only (1) available for sale.
MIM50016-ss AUTOCAR AP-19 Truck, MIM10016 1:50 scale Resin
$425.00 $378.00 On Sale!
This model would make a great addition to any heavy haul collection. Great detail, made in 1:50th scale resin. One shipment is in, but ALL ARE SPOKEN FOR. Taking PREORDERS for the next shipment now.
MIM50005s AUTOCAR AP-25 OHT MIM50005, 1:50 Resin
$360.00 $322.00 On Sale!
For you Autocar fans. A great OHT to add to your collection. Made in 1:50 Resin. Only (1) available at this time.
MIM50017-2s HEAVY HAUL LOGGING TRUCK--MIM50017 1:50 Resin
$498.00 $490.00 On Sale!
Brand new entry from MIM. Pictures have just become available. Coming in 1:50th scale resin. A great heavy haul truck for your logging operation. Make sure to click on the thumbnail to see the real truck, plus a total of three color combinations. The Red truck will be available only thru the Dad's CATS source. The first order should be shipping soon. Only (1) available, others will go on backorder.
MIM50014s HEAVY HAUL TRAILER--MIM 50014 1:50 scale Resin
$160.00 $140.00 On Sale!
A great addition to the line of heavy haul trailers. This trailer has 4 lines consisting of 32 tires. It is completely assembled and painted. Please contact us at: dadscats3@aol.com for available colors. Only (1) available to sell. Additional models will go on backorder.
$190.00 $160.00 On Sale!
Now you can buy your Heavy Haul Trailer, complete with a custom wood deck. Look at the great detail that this adds.
MIM50008s KENWORTH 953 OIL FIELD BED TRUCK, MIM50008, 1:50 Resin
$450.00 $420.00 On Sale!
Take a look at this tractor, and dream about this Oil Field Bed Truck W/ Winch that you need to add to your diorama. Only (0) available for sale at this time.
MIM50009s KENWORTH 953 SC Tractor, MIM50009 1:50 Resin
$425.00 $420.00 On Sale!
This Kenworth 953 Short Chassis make a great model to pull the heavy haul trailer with. Check out the great detail. Only (2) models available.
MIM50007s KW DART DE2772 QUARRY TRUCK, MIM50007, 1:50 Resin
$620.00 $560.00 On Sale!
Have a look a fine quarry truck done in 1:50 scale resin. Add this to your fleet of OHT's. Only (0) available to sell. Additional orders will go on B/O.
MIM50012s Kenworth 993 COE Heavy Tow Tractor--MIM 50012
$450.00 $420.00 On Sale!
For those that need a Heavy Tow Tractor. What a great addition to the heavy hauling diorama. Only (1) available to sell.
MIM50019-RsGR MIM50019 Autocar DC-64 Dump Truck, 1:50 Resin
Add this great old time Autocar Dump truck to your collection. The model is 1:50 scale, and built our of resin to get the great detail. Available in two different color schemes, so please specify your preference in the comments area. Click on the thumbnail to view other pictures.

Please specify the color combination that you want.
MIM50020sC MIM50020 Wobble Wheel Trailer--"Gerosa"--1:50 Diecast
Take a look, and add a very interesting trailer to your collection.
MIM50021s MIM50021 Mack-Pack Hauling Truck, 1:50 Resin
How about an old style hauling truck. Records seem to show that very few of these were made in 1:1 scale, so you may have never had a chance to see one. This way, you can add a model to your diorama and live some of the past in earthmoving. Made of 1:50 scale resin, and are promised in mid-Mar 09.
MIM50022-RCs MIM50022-G Autocar DC / Rogers Trailer, 1:50 Resin
Click on the thumbnail to view the fine detail of this heavy hauler. Picture some of your large equipment being hauled this way. Add a custom deck and some chains for additional detail. This version comes with a green tractor with a red frame and matching trailer. Made of resin in 1:50 scale. Check with us on availability date, or get your order in to be first on the list.
MIM50022-Y-RCs MIM50022-Y Autocar DC / Rogers Trailer, 1:50 resin
Another version of the Autocar / Rogers combo, except in Yellow. Great for any diorama to haul your heavy items that have to be moved to another work site. Click on the thumbnail to view the other fine pictures of this model Made of resin in 1:50 scale.
MIM50023s MIM50023 Dodge CNT900 Dump Truck--1:50 Resin
Here is a chance to add one of the old icons of the hauling trucks to your collection. A great old name in hauling.
MIM50024s MIM50024 Autocar DC/ Fruehauf Bottom DumpTD 380--1:50 Resin
What a great way to add some extra detail to your fleet. This Autocar, complete with one bottom dump TD380 trailer will help get the material moved. If you are really serious, add one of the MIM50025 trailers to have a double haul unit. Made of Resin in 1:50 scale.
MIM50025s MIM50025 Fruehauf Bottom Dump Trailer TD380--1:50 Resin
Add this Fruehauf Bottom Dump trailer to your MIM50024, and make your display big and important. Get twice the work done by pulling two of these trailers. Included with this trailer, will be the dolly to attach to the rear of your front trailer unit.
MIM50026s MIM50026 Heavy Duty Dump Truck--1:50 Resin
This fine dump truck will be coming in five great historical color combinations. Please check with us at: dadscats2@aol.com for what is available.
MIM50027s MIM50027 HAYES HD-400 Dump Truck--1:50 Resin
Here is chance to add one of the old names in dump trucks to your hauling fleet. This will be treated as a pre-order. Due in June 09
MIM50028s MIM50028 DODGE CNT-400 W/ Rogers Trailer--1:50 Resin
Now you can haul some of your old time models, with an old Dodge CNT-900 Tractor with a Rogers trailer. Talk about prototypical.
MIM50029s MIM50029 Heavy Hauling with King Bottom Dump--1:50 Resin
Take a look at a great old work horse tractor with a Kind bottom dump. Sorry, but these were not often used in doubles.
MIM50030s MIM50030 Hayes Logging Truck--1:50 Resin
A heavy duty Hayes Truck pulling a Logging Trailer. A great addition to any logging display. Click on the thumbnail to view a real truck, along with two larger views of the model.
MIM50015s PACIFIC P-12 MIM50015, 1:50 scale Resin
$450.00 $425.00 On Sale!
New model of the Pacific P-12 Tractor in 1:50 Resin. Click on the thumbnail for a look at the great detail. A must have for the serious collector of heavy haul trucks. Another great example of RTR models by Dan. Only (2) available. Additional will go on backorder.

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